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100% Voter Turnout in Calgary West
This is a compassionate plea to each and every voter in the federal electoral district of Calgary West. You are urged to think, to consider, and then act. This is an attempt to rally all the electorate of Calgary West to vote in the next federal election (2014 or 2015). Prepare yourself, your family and your neighbors for a 100% Voter Turnout. That all would know the issues, the candidates, the party platforms, and what do they know about: This is not an attempt to sway your vote. This is an attempt at participatory democracy, an attempt at getting each and every eligible voter to exercise their right to vote in this next federal by-election.

The people of Calgary West can be a sample and example of democratic reform. We will lead by example from the grass roots and by using the power of democracy we can repair a poorly functioning government and then design a decision making process that is needed for sustainability on this planet.

100% voter turnout in itself will not return us to global sustainability. It is in the reasons for unanimous agreement about participatory democracy that we will find power and control of the future. Presently, most who vote do it out of a sense of duty. Historically, our chosen candidates have not represented their constituents consistently throughout their term in office according to the platform laid out by them or their party at their last election run up.

Calgary West has one of the most affluent populations on this planet. They are of the most educated and well connected people (through the internet, television, telephone, post office, periodical subscriptions etc.). The electorate of Calgary West can afford to spend time and energy toward a group decision making process because they are one of the few populations with a single federal representative that have secured their needs. Almost all of these people live as well or better than a king would have lived 1000 years ago. We now have the opportunity to spend time and effort helping to make the decisions that affect our lives.

There are politicians, and certainly candidates who are honest and have integrity. Those are the ones that truly wish to represent their constituency. They want democracy to work and would be thrilled to see full participation in an election. A politician would have confidence and know they are on the right track if they were voted in by the real majority of their electorate, and that all their voters care and are interested in the federal political process.

By using the strategy as laid out in we can make a real attempt to attain near 100PercentVoterTurnout!