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Humanity is in crisis and we all know it. This essay presents some proposals that could work toward creating not just sustainability (survival into the future) but by initiating massive change and improvements that are realistic and attainable, we can start on a definition of paradise for all humanity.

Presently the apparent dangers and risks to humanity, the ones that are caused by human activity, are increasing at an accelerating rate. We are essentially causing an eventual extinction of our entire species with as little conscious awareness as past conquerors exhibited while they caused the extinction of many races of people and species of animals throughout history. We are both ripe for an avoidable war that could easily decimate us all, and we need to reverse the deterioration and destruction that human activity is impacting on Earth's biosphere.

For our species to survive, each and every one of us will have to make momentous change. It will not be easy for anyone. The good news is that the dilemma can be phrased as: "Paradise or Bust" and a paradise for all of humanity truly is attainable. Your choice is whether it is worth it to change your base perception about everything you think you know and then work toward the goal of attaining a paradise for all humanity, or to allow the alternative: an inevitable self annihilation of our species. I already know your answer because survival is the most deep-seated and profound motivator of your personal being.

As an indicator of what is required to change in order for humanity to continue: Lima, Peru recently hosted the 20th Annual U.N. Convention On Climate Change during the first 10 days of December 2014. It became the 20th annual, consecutive failure at making any meaningful decisions and it failed to get international laws passed that would stop the known threats to humanity from continuing. All the countries that are causing the oceans to rise and the weather to go extreme had their top delegates at every one of these conferences. They are planning the 21st Annual U.N. Convention On Climate Change for December 2015 in Paris France. It will certainly fail as well if we do not attain an agreement among all of humanity.

We need a basis by which global decisions can be made, we need a world wide agreement on what that basis is. The politicians, the business leaders, the corporate media; they are each and all incapable of making the global decisions necessary for humanity to survive into the future. A common consensus of all humanity agreeing on a single attitude of sustainability is necessary and is attainable. A common consensus of all humanity is a threat to the survival of the powers that be. There exists a corporate and financial hegemony (culture of dominance) that would apparently prefer the self annihilation of humanity over a bottom-up, real and true democracy. A unanimous agreement on anything by all the people is exclusive to, and opposite from any form of domination, supremacy or hegemony. We need that unanimous consensus of agreement as a basis for making the decisions that will save our biosphere from becoming uninhabitable for our descendants.

Though there is no one person or group of people that could be assembled in one place who are to blame. A large part of the blame could be directed at corporate structure for making shareholder profits a priority over human sustainability. However, everything can be repaired by simply arranging for a universal agreement among all of humanity. This is the objective of this essay.

If each and every person on this planet could agree by consensus on a vision of reality, we could then make the global decisions to correct the problems and grow toward living a harmonious existence. Presently our concepts of reality are based on our beliefs and those beliefs are determined by religion and/or science and/or economics.

There are some things that are truly undeniable. Like, as Rene Descartes said: "I think, therefore I am". Something is thinking and therefore whatever I am, something exists to question its own existence. It is truly and absolutely undeniable that you exist because something is questioning its own existence, and that entity, whatever it is, is you!

Another thing that is undeniable is that our concepts of reality have been wrong in the past, like these:
  • 1000 years ago "everybody knew" that if a human got sick, it was the result of demons infesting the afflicted, and the smartest and most educated people in society agreed that the only cure was to drive the demonic influence from the patient.
  • 500 years ago, "everybody knew" the Sun went around the Earth, and the smartest, most educated people in society, even the "divinely inspired" were unanimous in that conclusion.
  • 300 years ago, "everybody knew" that slavery was morally acceptable, and inevitable. The smartest, most educated leaders of our societies owned slaves and/or accepted slavery as an institution.
  • 200 years ago, "everybody knew" that women were unfit for public office or voting, and the smartest, most educated people agreed that women had no place in positions of leadership or politics. They weren't even considered as "people".
  • 100 years ago, "everybody knew" that black/brown people were inferior, and giving them separate washrooms and drinking fountains was morally proper.
  • 50 years ago, "everybody knew" that homosexuality was a deviant and perverted sexual practice, and gays/ lesbians/ bisexuals did not deserve any consideration or rights; as recently as 1952, homosexuality was considered a "Sociopathic Personality Disturbance" according to the medical authority on Psychology, the DSM index.

At every stage our best advised leaders and our most respected scholars, and thereby everybody else including our own ancestors, thought they had the end of the line, absolute, certain answers to: "what is reality?" and "how was it all created?" Presently, we have the big bang from singularity vs. a sentient God who created everything, and we have quantum physics that is accurate to the level of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. It is absolutely undeniable that all those beliefs listed previously were wrong and I want to communicate to you that all of our present concepts of reality may be wrong as well.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
— Albert Einstein
What we agree is reality doesn't have to be provably correct. "The Earth is the centre of the universe and all celestial bodies orbit around us" (This was reality). 500 years ago our ancestors were absolutely certain that a God who exists above the clouds and looks down on us, made us the center of the universe. Your ancestors and my ancestors, whether they were Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu, none of them would have agreed with Nicholas Copernicus and his model of our solar system.

During his lifetime, Copernicus was reviled as a nutcase and a heretic. In 1543, on his deathbed Nicolaus Copernicus published his theory of heliocentrism. Copernicus had developed a rationale for his theory that the Earth spins on it's axis as it orbits the Sun. He could not decisively prove his theory at that time and it took another 150 years and the discoveries of Galileo, Kepler and Newton to bring the reality of the solar system model that we use at this time, to be accepted. Please take a clear look at that revolutionary change that was thought up by Copernicus and compare it with what your own ancestors thought of him, and what their reality was in terms of the Earth being the center of the universe. To them it was a fact that the Sun circled the Earth. The smartest and most knowledgeable people had mathematical proof, they had 2000 years of passed down wisdom, and text from the bible that verified humanity is the center of the universe; geocentrism was factual reality for everybody in the 1500's. And by the 1700's when the vast majority of people realized that Copernicus and his heliocentric model was correct, the religions remained just as relevant. Their fears that: "all spirituality would be lost if their understanding of the universe was shown to be wrong" was unfounded. Though many people were burned at the stake or imprisoned over that 150 years for merely considering a reality that did not align with the dominant perspective. Very few scholars changed their minds because of proof and/or argument. Change occurred because the knowledgeable leaders died and were replaced. Now, presently, we do not have the option of 150 years for a meta-paradigm change to evolve. Our biosphere will be uninhabitable if each of us does not think and act together as individuals.

The first and most important concept that I need to get across to you, the reader of this essay, is that EVERYONE WAS WRONG!!! The smart people, the influential people, the learned people. Everyone in the 1500's were all absolutely convinced beyond any doubt, that the Earth was the center of the Universe, and that all the stars, planets and even the Sun revolved around us and the Earth. You the reader, if you lived back then, would be one of those people who maintained that the Earth was the center of the universe! If you lived in 1540 and Nicolaus Copernicus personally explained to you that the movement of the stars and planets worked out better by using the idea that the Earth spins like a ball while orbiting the Sun, you would not have agreed!! Mankind's concepts of reality have all been proved wrong except for the ones we have at this time. THOSE CONCEPTS WILL ALL BE PROVEN WRONG AS WELL!!! Therefore, it is OK to be less than fully confident about: "The Quantum Theory", "The Big Bang Theory", The Biblical Prediction of An Apocalypse", "A Forever Expanding Economy", "God Has Promised Our People This Land"…etc. etc.

How could all of humanity decide to come to a common agreement, a consensus that could be used to make global decisions so that our descendants can live without poverty or war or threat of the biosphere becoming uninhabitable?

We need an attention grabbing, Earth shattering, paradigm reformation that offends all of us equally. We need another complete change of perspective that is not part of any current religion, nation, or institution that exists today. We need another Copernican Revolution, a meta-paradigm shift, a shake-up that puts us all in agreement.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— R. Buckminster Fuller
I am crazy like Copernicus in that I have an awareness of reality that everyone else does not. The "Infinite Void" - Theory of Everything is as much a reality shift from the theories of relativity as heliocentrism was from geocentrism. The infinite void of nothingness model of the universe will be what is standard and acceptable in 100 years (if there is a biosphere left that would support human life). Our descendants will lovingly jeer at the idea that we thought the universe could be finite, in exactly the same way that we consider our own ancestors who had a hard time accepting the model of our Earth spinning on it's axis as it orbits the Sun. This essay is an attempt to influence and cause a tipping to the large platform of movements that are about to shift and change humanity on a global scale like how the Copernican model brought in the scientific method and revolutionized how humanity perceives reality.

I want to say that I am not trying to convince you of anything, but that is not true. I want to survive; I want my descendants to survive; I want my people to survive, I want my species to survive; I want my descendants to be part of the continuance of life on this planet. All these things are in danger and at risk without attaining the awareness and help from the reader of this message.

Please lend me your imagination and I will tell you a story of a new and fresh version of reality. Of how everything exists, where it came from and what is the meaning of life. This is the "Infinite Void" - Theory Of Everything. It is not legitimate because it is not testable. There is nothing to believe as we are just playing with our thoughts and our imagination. Try it on, like a new and very unusual jacket. If it is too uncomfortable, you can take it off. But just for a short bit of life, bring your imagination and feel with your intuition, a perception of a universe that might be. A different way to think, a different reality.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
— Aristotle
Let's start at the beginning which never actually started (that's why we need to use imagination). But infinity ago there was nothing, absolute void, diddley squat forever.

Infinity is so big that if we try stretching our minds to comprehend it, we will sprain or break something. Once we talk a bit about infinity and you feel more comfortable with this "beyond the capacity of our minds" kind of concept, we will later go on to infinite infinities…and beyond. However, for now, just to play with our thoughts, let's imagine there was nothing for ever and ever in every direction. This never happened because time is also infinite. But if there was a possibility for nothing to pervade the everywhere, we could still have direction.

Direction has no substance. There is a possibility of an infinitesimal point moving along a line within an infinite void, this is just a direction. It's like a bullet shrunken to nothing but moving. Just directional movement of a coordinate point. Let's call this directional movement of a nothing, compelsion. There is also a possibility of another direction: space, or everywhere moving inwardly toward one infinitesimal point, it's like the direction of gravity. Which moves in a constant 3D confluence, imploding toward a central focus point. Let's call this directional movement of convergence, impelsion. There, now with point moving along a line and space moving toward a point we still have nothing, no substance. Though we can imagine the two directions of compelsion and impelsion.

What if compelsion meets impelsion? When one goes around the other in orbit, we then have size, and bing-batta-boom you then have everything physical in the universe. All the way out and all the way in, something is orbiting something else. At least it seems that we do not know of anything in the cosmos that is not part of or made up of: compelsion or impelsion. The Moon orbits the Earth that orbits the Sun that orbits the Milky Way Galaxy that orbits the Great Attractor Supercluster… Subatomically, electrons orbit a nucleus and although we don't know exactly how or where particles move within the atom because of Heisenberg's uncertainty principal; Bosons, Fermions, WIMPs, and any other newly or undiscovered particles are going to move in orbits and be made up of things moving in orbits. Our reasoning and our investigations lead us to guess that things subatomic move or exist like galaxies of galaxies. Something orbiting something else, going out cosmically to infinity and infinitesimally into the parts of the parts of each atom.

That is it! This "Infinite Void" - Theory Of Everything is only in our imaginations and is composed of compelsion and impelsion. It is why there is something rather than nothing. Point moving along a line orbits sphere moving toward a point. Two directions imposed on an infinite and infinitesimal universe of nothingness. Point on a line and sphere to a point are the yin and yang, the alpha and the omega, where the snake bites its tail. Infinity is both unprovable and not disprovable. Infinity is reality and reality is infinite and that is all that is necessary for everything to exist. In every atom is an infinite number of nesting quantum levels of universes and our universe is infinitesimal in comparison to all the quantum levels up. Our known universe might be part of a carbon atom on the antennae of a cockroach. The cockroach's known universe might be part of a helium atom on a star as big as VH Canis Majoris (could encapsulate the orbit of Saturn). There are an infinite number of levels up and levels into each atom such that every possibility of being a part of each and every atom in the universe exists an infinite number of times along each string of quantum jumps. There are an infinite number of infinities and each level is a fractal of the next quantum step. Out infinitely, past Big Bang size and/or in infinitesimally, into each atom! Infinity and infinitesimal just keep on going, way beyond the limits of your conceptual abilities, way beyond your imagination.

Infinity is reality regardless of our ability or inability to comprehend the concept. It just can't not be! Just as a simple equation: E =mc2 explains the relationship between mass and energy, we now have just two directions imposed on each other within an infinite void to satisfy the HOW and WHY of existence. This understanding is by intuition and reason, infinity cannot be proved by science. Also, it is OK to be wrong! We have been proven wrong in every theory and story of creation and reality through the history of humanity over thousands of cultures. Except for our present theories and stories about reality.

Us humans are pretty good at understanding things that move like bullets and rockets and electrons (compelsion). This has lead us to an illusion of thinking that we understand reality. We don't have much more than a clue about what composes the other half of reality (impelsion). We don't know what it is composed of or understand how gravity has no shadow (when standing on a bridge, how does gravitational force reach through the bridge to hold you down onto it?). We don't understand why human behavior aligns and changes with the gravitational force of the moon. We don't understand how gravity can affect mass at any distance instantaneously. We don't know how to simulate gravity, be independent of it, enhance it or reduce it. As a photon takes eight and a half minutes to travel from the Sun to our Earth, the Sun's gravity instantaneously reaches out to hold our Earth in orbit, and we have no clue how that happens. We do not have any understanding of the impelsive force even though it makes up ONE-HALF of our universe!! The movement of bullets and rockets and explosions may be useful but they are involved in the destructive theme. The movement of impelsion is creative, constructive, spiritual, converging, loving. Gravity is omnipresent; while its force/effect extends away from the central point, its force/effect diminishes toward infinitesimal though never disappears. Thus, gravity and infinity are inextricably linked. Our galaxy is being swung around by a gravity center that is beyond the light years of time/distance that is our known universe!

Once humanity (or the descendants of the surviving species on this planet) understand impelsion, we (they) will then be able to be on the level of gravity and therefore be everywhere at the same time (omnipresence). Now I am making conjectural or speculative statements, which leads me to the philosophy of survival (or "continued existence" for those who get stuck on, or have difficulties with the word "survival"). When thinking about the terms: infinity, impelsion and compelsion, we must recognize them as merely unfounded, untestable, and unempirical concepts. Though now we are into philosophy where nothing is shown as right or wrong except by reason. So now I am asking you to think and reason with the ideas around impelsion being one half of reality and how we do not understand anything about it. Most of the attributes given to gravity and/or impelsion happen to be the attributes of God (a loving energy, the creative force, the force that holds everything together, omnipresence, helps us survive, etc.).

Now hold those thoughts and stay with me on this voyage of imagination and we will come back to the link between God and gravity in a few paragraphs. But first:
There is scientific proof that life has existed on this planet for more than 3.6 billion years (this is new information discovered in the last 25 years). Throughout the time from back then (beginning of life on Earth) until now, there has existed a subtle yet pervasive energy: "The Life Force". That which compels every living being to survive and head in the direction of more complexity to allow more awareness of the environment and more control of the environment. That force which has caused the progression of an evolution that has progressed from microbes 3.6 billion years ago, toward what is on this planet at this time. It is undeniable to me that something has directed lifeforms to change from simple single cells progressing to complex multi organ things like you and me. It took 6/7ths of that 3.6 billion years for life to become as complex as clams, corals and trilobites. And then in this latest one million years on Earth (1/500th of the time since clams, corals and trilobites evolved) the human species have developed from discovering the control of fire to being able to control nuclear reaction and DNA sequencing. We now have the capability to both create life and the capability to exterminate all the higher evolved species on this planet.

So here is the conjecture: I have no proof but my reasoning and my intuition tells me that a ubiquitous energy, a subtle yet compelling force that says: "survive; go in this direction" has lead all lifeforms on this planet to progress from mini-microbes to the complexity of where evolution is at this time, and that there is a future for life on this planet… with or without humans.

It seems that not only does the "life Force" encourage survival but there is a thin wisp of a subtle yet strong, pervasive force running within or along-side the survival urge. A subtle nudge, a direction, that aims evolution toward a complexity that would eventually be able to have awareness of the environment and then control of the environment. So much so that at some point a species of organism (humans, possibly?) could regenerate the life force itself, outward, into the cosmos.

It just makes sense that a life force that compels things to survive would ultimately want change toward that which could regenerate the life force itself before this planet entropys itself into the Sun. Reaching out into the expanse of space, touching wherever an evolution of life can start, and thus providing a continuum of life. The ongoing survival of that which compels life to survive, itself is the infinite continuum of life. To regenerate the force that moves on the level of, but in the opposite direction of impelsion and compels life and continued existence (survival). Thus we have "The Third Direction"; compelsion, impelsion, and survival (AKA God). Point moving along a line, sphere or space imploding toward a point, and something that moves in the opposite direction of impelsion; movement outward but on the level of energy of which gravity exists.

My gut feeling and best guess as to what the destiny of humanity is, is to become "The Life Force!", "The Survival Continuum!", "God!" Hey, it's just conjecture and it could easily be wrong, it is just as wrong as all the other perceptions of God. When Copernicus proposed that not everything revolves around us, the religious defensively worried of a threat to the survival of their religion. Yet, belief in God was never at risk. If the "Infinite Continuum" being made up of direction is a delusion, this delusion is a safe delusion. And remember, we are still just using imagination and thoughts.

What I have said so far does not contradict anything said by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Moses, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zoroaster, Guru Nanak, Baha'u'llah, or any of the teachings of the Vedas, the Book of the Dead, the Enuma Elish, the I Ching, the Avesta, or any other originator of a means for spiritual understanding.

The "Infinite Void" – Theory of Everything and the philosophy of the "Survival Continuum" are beyond science and religion. The reality of infinity cannot be accepted by science because science is based on empirical evidence and infinity can neither be proved nor disproved. As for religion: even though the previously listed originators of religions and philosophies might not have a problem with defining God as: "The will toward a continuum of life", many of the present day, organized religions might not like such a simple answer to the meaning of life and existence. The prime objective of every religion is for the survival of it's doctrine (even over and above the survival of humanity as a whole).

I want to repeat the idea that we started with about what is undeniable. The only things that I am absolutely certain of are that I exist and that every concept of reality has ultimately been proven short or wrong. Intuitively, I know of one more thing that is absolutely certain to me: The meaning of life is to survive and I am sure that the right thing to do is to leave the real answers that are to be discovered to our descendants. That would require that we do not destroy ourselves or the Earth's biosphere and allow our descendants to take their time at discovering a more accurate truth of what reality is. To provide a healthy environment where they can investigate the other half of reality; the loving, creative, spiritual force akin to gravity that extends to everywhere at once and promotes the existence of life. To survive.

We can make a choice right now, and if we do not choose then a choice will be made by default. Our biosphere is presently in a process of continually increased depletion and destruction toward ultimate uninhabitability. This increase is accelerating. Humanity is presently on a path of self annihilation that will exterminate our species and many others if we do not universally come together in agreement and cause global change. Humans have caused the extermination of more species in the last 200 years than the number of species exterminated by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. It is OK for the humans to self annihilate and become extinct. Allowing the descendants of the jellyfish, sharks, cockroaches….. or the pine trees?... to evolve into that which regenerates the life force and emanates through the universe… (and maybe I'm wrong). Or we, the humans, can "do the right thing" and take on the responsibility of living in harmony with each other and the environment so that our descendants can determine a more accurate purpose for humanity's existence. Which is what we should do even if all my theories and conjecture are completely wrong.

From a cosmic perspective; evolving toward and through the regenerative stage would be self regulating in the sense that only if we can become as good as God, can we find the link to Nirvana. That which is destructive will ultimately destroy itself. Humanity's present dilemma is "Paradise or Bust". Every religion has said: "Be Like God"!!! And now, here we are in the position of making a collective choice. All we have to do is to let our species survive long enough to allow our descendants the opportunity to understand the third direction. Some of us, and I believe that it is most of us humans are now smart enough to realize that we can build a paradise for all, but only by coming to a global unanimous consensus of agreement. That subtle, pervasive force of life survival that also leads toward becoming God is in us all.

Humans all around this planet are sucking oil out of Earth's skin, using some of that carbon based energy to refine other extractable resources into rockets and rocket fuel and then burning holes through the atmosphere in a long range program to find other habitable planets. Astronomers reported, on November 4th, 2013, that there could be as many as 40 billion earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of sun-like stars and red dwarf stars within the Milky Way Galaxy. Based on Kepler space mission data, 11 billion of these estimated planets may be orbiting sun-like stars. The nearest such planet may be 12 light-years away, according to the scientists. We are presently destroying our "Spaceship Earth" at a rate much faster than it would take to accommodate the ability to transport any life form to another habitable place. If humanity does become a God being, they (our descendants) will certainly look back at the space race and judge their ancestors (us) not as heroic rocket scientists but as delusional misfits.

This theory of infinity and this philosophy of survival are to bring the power of understanding reality to the common people as it takes the power of specious knowledge away from the scientific experts and religious leaders, and ultimately, the politicians. The next era of humanity is dependent on bottom up, real and true democracy. So we need the masses of people to have power as compared to a few select people having power. Real and true democracy is representational not dictatorial. Leadership in democracy must come from suggesting laws and policy, then doing what the people want and what they need for continued survival into the future (sustainability). Democracy needs to work as an accumulative intelligence. Of the people, by the people, for the people.

In order to avoid human extinction, let me propose an attitude that can be used to make democratic decisions on a global scale. Just let each and every person who has access to the internet read or hear the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". This phrase can be used as a basis of decision making within our democracies. Living in harmony with each other and the environment is a requirement for the continuance of humanity. The universal dissemination of this statement is the underlying, hidden or overall objective of this essay, this project, and the immediate objective of this movement. Global agreement on the laws and policies that determine human survival must start with an agreement on some light idea, a common attitude, a direction that is acceptable by all. There will certainly be detractors, contrarians and opponents of the "Infinite Void" theory of everything and the "Survival Continuum" philosophy. However, the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" is a benign motherhood statement that might be acceptable by everyone and can be used as an attitude for making the global decisions that are necessary for human sustainability (survival into the future). The universal exposure of the LIHWEOATE phrase (pronounced: Louie-Await) is the prescription that can bring about the change that is necessary for our continued existence.

There are bits and starts of projects aimed at creating a sustainable future for humanity. However, we do not universally agree on anything… yet. So this project proposes that we try to accomplish some kind of universal agreement among all of humanity.

I am not asking you to agree to, or pass along either the "Infinite Void" – Theory of Everything (impelsion-compelsion reality) or the philosophy of the "Survival Continuum". These new ideas are only in our minds. They are proposed to provoke controversy and to break us out of dogmas. They are as wrong as any and all the theories of reality that have ever existed through the history of humanity. They are fictitious and merely unprovable stories for our imaginations. I am asking for your help in passing on a phrase that everyone can agree on. Please help to attain this objective where each and every person who has access to the internet reads or hears the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". This Phrase is not offensive, it is not threatening, and it doesn't undo any systems that are good for life. Those who do not have access to the internet are already doing what it says.

Something that can not be refuted is that survival (continued existence) is a good thing. And from that we should provide a habitable environment for our descendants so they may determine what the meaning and direction of humanity should be.

Intuition and tuning into the impelsion side of reality, that which is loving and constructive, is an endeavor for our descendants. And even if it is not true, if there really is a finite end to the universe. "Living In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" is practical, it's our only alternative out there that provides survival into the future. We need to leave a healthy environment for our children's children's children to discover that other half: the intricacies of gravity, intuition, spirituality, and tuning into what is loving and constructive. Our job right now, for each and every human being, is to survive and work toward a harmonious existence and sustainability, by coming to some kind of universal agreement.

Humanity is changing. We are starting a new era. It is up to you personally, to cause an end to war by ending poverty and ending oppression. That will happen with Real and True, Participatory Democracies. Where a common attitude is used as a basis of decision making.

You can do something significant by passing this message on by email to at least 10 people. Or by passing this on to someone you feel is influential, and they will use their influence to further disseminate this message. Or, email this message to whoever you know that is the furthest in distance from where you are on Earth. It may be that all of your close friends and relatives already have been exposed to "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". By using the concept of "6 degrees of separation" and personal, one to one emails we can quickly share the LIHWEOATE phrase (Louie-Await) with each and every person who has access to the internet.

This new reality is just as wrong as all the other perceptions of reality that have ever been proposed. Yet this time we do not have 150 or 200 years to decide if it is right or wrong, or to languish as we wrap our heads around a difficult concept. It is OK to be wrong if we can use the concept to unite humanity toward a new and useful perception of reality, just for the purpose of practicality. We have to admit or recognize that the only reality that can be unanimously agreed upon will be new and not one that is established. Everybody will have to change!!! Humans are highly resistant to change though the change only needs to be an agreement to survive. Wanting to survive is so reasonable, intuitive, natural and prebuilt into every one of us that it should be easy and will feel good to bring about.

Survival trumps all and your personal dilemma is to either find some way that humanity can continue or to accept responsibility for the extinction of humanity that was caused by your neglect to be part of stopping the accelerating increase of threats to our descendants.

It has been more than 150 years since Darwin proposed a theory of evolution and still half the humans on this planet would not agree with that as a reality. We can see the Andromeda Galaxy with our unaided eyes and we can measure it's distance as more than 2 million light years away (those photons indicating Andromeda were emitted 2.4 million years ago!), yet all the Christian, Muslim and Jewish fundamentalists still insist that the Earth is only 6 thousand years old! So let this remind you that even the smartest, most educated people in the 1500's barely had the capacity to accept the concept of the Earth spinning as it circled the Sun. If you lived back then, you would have taken the side in defense of geocentrism. We not only must take less than 150 years to able ourselves the concept of infinity (even if it is not fully true)…We NEED (need in the classical sense: "will not survive without") we need to agree on a basis of thought that can be used to remove the known threats to humanity; not soon…..immediately, NOW! We NEED to make decisions with the intention of "humanity surviving into the future" in replacement of: "for economic reasons".

This whole story is to say that it might be us humans that are to become the God that will save humanity. It is up to each and every one of us to take on the responsibility of being part of the "Life Force Continuum" by not destroying the biosphere. By "Living In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" we can leave an opportunity for our descendants to find better answers to life, living, the universe and why.

You can be part of saving humanity and creating a defined paradise. And if you do not help in defining the future… the world will change in another way. Make a resolution on what you can do for the survival of your people and start to do it or they will not survive into the future. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

— see you in paradise,
     Horton Copernicus