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Accept Infinity
"What is reality?" is a question that has exercised the minds of philosophers going back to the ancient Greeks and Chinese. After more than 25 centuries we have reached the point where we can't say what reality is, we don't even know with certainty, what it isn't.

No assertions about the ultimate nature of reality are wrong. To historically primitive peoples living in Middle East deserts, all the evidence of their senses proclaimed that the Earth was flat. Were they wrong in their conclusion? Within the context of their understanding, they were not. Scientists through history, from Copernicus, to Galileo to Newton to Einstein constructed models of physical reality, all of which were thought to be real at their formation, and all had fatal flaws, necessitating the search for a new, more reliable reality. The latest model is quantum physics, the one model that has so far a perfect experimental track record (which was the status of all the others for a period of time). However, science is limited to its own definition and tenants. Science is empirical and is based on provability and repeatability. Infinity cannot be proved nor disproved. Does that mean that there is not an infinite amount of space, time, matter, and size? If there is infinite space with infinite matter, infinite time and infinite size and science can not cope with the concept of infinity then can we rely on science to determine reality?

If we cannot rely on science to show us reality, can we instead turn to religion?

Religion, too, is a dead end. Consider that through history there have been thousands of gods/deities and religions. A relative handful actively survive today. To choose a religion is to exercise faith. On an individual basis, this is not unreasonable but on a societal scale, one man's faith is another man's superstition.

We live in a strange universe.
In the beginning, there was nothing.
Then God created light.
There was still nothing.
But now you could see it!

Scientifically, the main assumption our society accepts is that the universe originated in a Big Bang, just under 14 billion years ago. The Catholic Church officially supports the Big Bang theory because it agrees with their theological position that time itself began at creation.

The originator of the Big Bang theory was Monsignor Georges Lemaître, a Roman Catholic priest. The term itself was coined by Fred Hoyle, a cosmologist who did not believe in a Big Bang, but rather in its opposite, the Steady State theory, which said that new matter was continually being created as the universe expanded.

Christopher Columbus found the Americas on his way to prove that the world was round though still the church did not accept Copernican theory of planets and planetary motion. Sailors of that time intuitively knew that the Earth was a sphere. Galilleo proved Copernican theory in the early 1600's (after Collumbus' 1492 voyage) by using a telescope to show the moons of Jupiter orbiting that celestial sphere. We have a comparable situation at this time where those who espouse that they have the correct reality (quantum physics) refute that the universe is infinite. However, most people who consider ontology and the basis of reality intuitively accept the idea of infinite distance, time, amount and size.

Neither science nor religion can be relied on with certainty to explain reality. We are left with room for something new, how about imagination and intuition. Not wildass guesswork but a gut feeling conclusion after rationally thinking about all the clear information available.

For our purposes here, let us accept the assumption that we live in an infinite universe, if only just to test the idea. The objective is to give the common human the ability to confidently have their own understanding of reality and take it away from both the priests of religion and the post doctoral experts of science.

Infinity is a concept that refers to something without limit. For example, there are infinite numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4…∞. We know this intuitively by imagining a number, any number. We know it cannot be the largest, because there will be another number after it. That will go on endlessly, to infinity. Also, there are an infinite number of even numbers and there are an infinite number of odd numbers and there are an infinite number of multiples of any of the unit numbers, like: 3, 17, 524, etc..

And yet, infinity itself is variable. Imagine a ruler of infinite length—an infinite number of meters long. Each of those meters is made up of one hundred centimeters. We thus have two infinities—an infinite number of meters and an infinite number of centimeters. It's not a paradox but a reality that the infinite number of centimeters is a hundred times larger than the infinite number of meters—yet both are infinite. In fact, from this same analogy, we see that there are an infinite number of sizes of infinities—and each one is infinite.

As mentioned, infinity can never be proved nor disproved so to explain how the universe started we need to start with a beginning that never was. Let's assume that initially there was nothing—stretching in all directions for an infinite distance. In order to establish "direction", two points are required, A and B. We can go in a direction (from A to B) and then past B to infinity. We call this movement compelsion. From any location, there are an infinite number of directions that a point can move toward.

The opposite of compelsion we call implosion which would be like a sphere moving toward a single coordinate point in the middle of the sphere (implosion has no starting edge like a sphere but decreases in intensity over distance like gravity). Conceptually, it would be the opposite of a Big Bang.

Within infinite space of nothing, infinity ago, there was only the coordinate directions of point moving along a line (compelsion) and volumous area moving toward a point (implosion). So far we have infinitesimals moving within infinity but no matter or energy. When point on a line meets sphere to a point (compelsion meets implosion) and compelsion goes into orbit around the coordinate point central to implosion we have size. Once we have size, we have matter. This all started infinity ago everywhere at once... Or maybe over an infinite period of time previous to infinity ago? OK, it never started. It just is and has always been.

In our commonly observed universe, we notice how the moon goes around the earth, which goes around the sun, which goes around the galaxy which goes around the galaxy of galaxies. Going inward, we find electrons going around nuclei of atoms, likened to miniature solar systems within galaxial systems. That's all there is: implosion and compelsion. Everything exists because it can within the infinite possibilities of nothingness forever. Everything is because it can't not be.

The survival of the human race and the survival of our descendants into the future relies on each individual's contemplative and rational thought. If we can decide collectively that we can use this perspective on reality to find a commonality, that will mean a start and the hope of mankind moving in a unified direction.

One reality we must accept is that there was never a start to the universe and, consequently, there will never be an end. All the matter that can exist, exists at the current moment. There is an infinite amount of matter within an infinite amount of space along an infinite timeline. No one can prove this as correct. You, personally can claim to be the originator of this theory and no one can prove that you are wrong. Please do pass it along and you can sign your name at the bottom. By reading this text you are given the power to understand the basis of everything. While this text is also asking you to take the power and control of the world through democracy so that our descendents can live in harmonious existence. The power of knowing what reality is has now been taken from the priests and experts and put in the peoples hands. The start of this epoch of humanity is marked by the common human having a common understanding of reality and a common weight of influence through real and true democracy. So what's your gut feeling, your intuition?

Go to a dark space that is warm, slowly close your eyes as you slowly breath out a full breath. What does the spirit within you tell you what reality is?