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The GreatBigFix Project is a carrier website that looks like a brick wall with themes for essays written on each brick. The big black brick with the phrase: "" is the attitude necessary for human survival into the future. The prime objective and the first level of success for this project is for the Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment phrase to be read or heard by each and every human that has access to the internet.

It is an estimate but we can reasonably assume that most people on this planet are aware that there is a global crisis that is threatening the continued survival of our species. Previously, we have never had to collectively agree and work toward a common objective in order for any of our descendants to survive. We, as a species, are now in that predicament. Our dilemma is: "ParadiseOrBust" because either we all recognize that we have the ability to define a workable model of paradise and then work toward accomplishing our vision or we will eventually and inevitably annihilate the human race.

Being aware that there is a problem and recognizing that something has to be done does not fix the situation. We need a common attitude among all who are involved and that is what Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment is. That phrase alone, if said by each and every person who has access to the internet, would present the initial step to creating a movement toward paradise and working toward a harmonious existence on this planet.

The GreatBigFix has been thrown together with little time and at almost no cost. As donations come in to the "SaveTheHumansFund", we will be able to redesign for its true use of propagating the phrase: "LiveInHarmonyWithEachOtherAndTheEnvironment"

Most of the other bricks are domain names that are themes for essays or speeches of controversial or new ideas. At first each domain brick would have a single essay as an example of the theme title. When we have enough funds from donations we will have a web-architect design those themed bricks into wiki websites that work as reddit websites. Where the first thing the visitor will see is two essays, one that is the latest contribution on that theme and the other is the highest ranked by readers. Website visitors will be invited to submit comparative originals or refined versions of any other submissions posted. As they come in they will go to top left. The highest ranked by democratic voting will go to top right. This comparative essay approach is to keep the GreatBigFix website dynamic and informative as it is passed along proliferating the LIHWEOATE (acronym) phrase to unanimous exposure. Again, this is a hurried together project that has no resources yet to pay designers and web-architects. The three ways visitors to the site can help:
  1. by passing on the LIHWEOATE phrase,
  2. helping build through suggestions and/or providing us with a donation toward building the GreatBigFix website into what was described in this paragraph,
  3. contributing a well thought out essay or theme for progressive thought toward human sustainability.

If each and every person that has access to the internet were to write or say "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" or it's acronym: LIHWEOATE (louie-await) then we would have established a common attitude. The world is ready to pass on this phrase and it can be used as criteria for decision making, allowing for survival into the future... sustainability.

To live in harmony with each other and the environment we need to have a real and true democracy. A participatory democracy that is predictable and accountable. There are no governments existing today that have predictable and accountable representation.

We throw in some newly thought up alternatives to religion, science and philosophy (AcceptInfinity, impelsion-compelsion, InfiniteContinuum). These provocative and controversial ideas are to stir up the conversation and get us unstuck from the dogmas that hold us back from cooperation. They are not threats, they support all the religions and do not claim that any religion is wrong. They are simply mind benders that cannot be proved nor disproved.

One of the passengers on this carrier website is WikiFixTheWorld which will be an open source venue for contributions of initiatives toward global sustainability. Another passenger is ChallengeForTheArts which will exhibit songs, plays, stories, dances, paintings, and a place for creative contributors to help promote LIHWEOATE. InPlaceOfWar opens up the ideas/conversation of sacrifice, austerity, priorities, economics of sustainability, futility being the cause of desperation and lets us be open to idealism, practical idealism.

Its effectiveness is based on having so many new ideas with refreshing and dynamic change. Each having the potential to improve the future for humans.

Send an email, link, tweet, facebook message or just yell at more than 3 people who have access to the internet. Most effectively you should send an e-mail to the farthest away people you know as your friends and relatives are already being bombarded by each other about this project.

The dream is that "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" will be read or heard by everyone and that the carrier website will expose the concepts: AcceptInfinity, CompelsionImpelsion, Paralleladigm, ParadiseOrBust, RealAndTrueDemocracy, InPlaceOfWar, etc. The dynamics of an essay blog themed to sustainability articles will allow the distribution of alternate views of reality. To avoid self annihilation we need to have extremists exposed to a bigger structure of reality that places their ideologies within the context of infinity thereby eliminating entitlement. The triple threat of population explosion, military devistation and environmental degradation are upon us. However, if we were to have universal exposure to one website that provided an attitude that everyone could consent to, then we could have unanimous agreement. And if that website offered a peaceful way for science and all the religions to coincide then we could work toward HarmoniousExistence. It's ParadiseOrBust and it is up to you the reader to participate.

Never before, in the history of the human species, have we all had a common attitude. Never before have we unanimously agreed on anything. "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". Please pass this message along.