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The Origin of Life
From the infinite past to the infinite future there are an infinite number of earth-like planets and, on them, almost infinite opportunities for life to appear. So when an amino acid became complex enough to reproduce itself, there was some subtle yet omnipresent force that encouraged survival. The arbitrary collection of chemicals absorbed enough nutrients to sustain itself and reproduced. This may have happened billions of times until it passed on a design of itself and a direction to go, through mutation and adaption its descendants evolved.

Within an infinite number of planets with the same heat range as Earth, how many have the same chemical composition? And how many of those started an evolution that lead as far as the dinosaurs? There are an infinite number starting right now and an infinite number of identicals to you the reader that existed for every second of time, trillions of years ago. For every person on Earth there are an infinite number of persons just like them, sprinkled throughout the universe, at every moment from the start (which never started) to the end (which never ends). It is probably not possible for you, or any one of your identical clones, to be unique. But there is creative choice and there is destiny. In this context they are the same thing.

The Continuum Life on our planet is part of the continuum of energy that animates life, growing through the eons to create the life force that seeds those infinite planets to start evolutions.

There are already many planets that have evolved through complete stages to their ending and in their demise, their masses and energy seed the universe to create more planets and, some of them, become repositories for further life. Consider planets that have already gone through the phase we are currently in. If beings like yourself existed in their great societies, what happened to their descendants? With this thought in mind, we need to consider our own plans for our environment that is necessary to nurture and sustain our own descendents here on Earth.

There are and were other universes that erupted from their own Big Bangs. The fact that we haven't detected any of them does not mean they don't exist or that we won't one day discover them.

Size is infinite. Every atom of everything you see and do not see is made up of a galaxy of galaxies and we in turn are part of an atom of matter within a galaxy of galaxies. These are unproveable assertions with no experts to verify them. It is up to each individual to think these things through for themselves without the arbitrary input of priests or experts and other authorities. Your inability to comprehend infinity is not the universes fault and nor does it care.

To understand the potential for our future, requires us coming to terms with the impelsive force. We have a good grasp of the compelsive force as shown with bullets and rockets and the explosions inside internal combustion engines. We can turn matter into compelsions through nuclear fision but have only some slight ideas of how to control or produce nuclear fusion. Love, creativity and understanding are all part of the impelsive force. They bring things together like sphere to a point. We have a good understanding of one half of reality and almost no understanding of the other half. The strong but subtle force of love and creation has been behind the evolution of life over the last few billion years. It is now our place to become part of that force. We must ensure that life remains possible on earth for the next thousand, two thousand, ten thousand years. Through this process humans, our descendents, can learn how to become one with the life force that emanates through the entire universe. The force that says: "Survive, grow towards more awareness, dexterity and understanding and complete the cycle of the continuum."

The Earth will not remain habitable for humans indefinitely, no matter how much we adapt to changes. And the sun itself is destined to one day shrink and grow cold. Before the restraints of celestial physics prevents life from continuing on this planet we must re-surge the energy force that came to Earth and helped life evolution start and continue. This is the continuum, the meaning of life if there is a meaning to life. Imagine a force like gravity that decreases over distance but never disappears. It has no shadow and extends its force through planets to exist on the other side. The reverse of gravity would be as omnipotent as gravity itself. Is there a force throughout the universe and at every atomic level that says: "survive, grow in this direction"? Is that direction what our descendants will be as they rebirth the force?

It is our destiny to either grow towards being that energy or annihilate ourselves. The better choice is to harmonize with the environment and each other. Define, design and work toward a paradise. Survive, if only to leave the potential for becoming an omnipresent force to our descendants.

We need not be in a hurry to be on a level which is everywhere at once. It would be acceptable for the Earth to be destroyed by humans, though it may be that the survival force within us will lead us to become the force that emanates through the universe and says: "Survive…be like me." "Survive by mutation and adaptation as you acclimatize to a changing world. Go in the direction of having more control and understanding of yourself and your environment, eventually becoming part of the emanating energy that is opposite to the direction of implosion and promotes the life continuum". Or we might be viewed by future's history as like the dinosaurs, leaving the descendants of the cockroaches or sharks to progress.

Whatever your view/perception is of God, let that be the ambition of your people. God has and always will be, a constructive loving force. One thing common with all the great religions is that every God asks the people to try to be God-like, God is goodness.

Like cold is the absence of heat, evil is the absence of good. Evil is not an entity, it is not a force; evil acts are done by people who lack the experience of love. We do not have to tolerate evil people. To combat evil we need to allow the raising of all children on Earth with nurturing love, careful guidance and an understanding that we are all responsible to our collective descendants. We do not have to tolerate those who are such deviants to the point that they are determined as "evil". By holding them in a cell for the rest of their lives at public expense while sending young enthusiastic soldiers into military suicide missions is social insanity. Eventually and inevitably we will progress through a point where each and every individual has the ability to destroy all life on this planet. We will become Gods (we have become the Gods of this planet). It is our responsibility to healthfully prevent a suicide massacre of all life on Earth (humans have that ability at this time). We will have to come to terms with capital punishment, or we can avoid deciding what to do with those humans that would put all life on this planet at risk to the time where it is too late...not smart.

No matter how many generations it takes, we aim to get to the place where no one on Earth is oppressed and everyone knows there is no supreme or special cluster of people anywhere on the planet, no group is entitled to anything "because God chose them". Also, there is no invisible man in the sky who will come down and solve all our problems.

We are god, part of the positive continuum of change. Now that we can see ourselves as the Gods of this planet, we now have to take on the responsibilities of God.

Becoming actively democratic and helping to determine ways for human beings to co-exist in harmony with each other and with the biosphere that shelters all life is the primary task of every human adult.

To see ourselves as autonomous and part of the process of the continuum demands our responsibility. Going in the direction of God is our only means of perpetual survival. Humans as a whole need to direct themselves into the future. The only way that can happen is with realandtruedemocracy and a unanimous direction/attitude based on an underlying commonality (Accepting Infinity is the proposal here).

Think independently and do no let yourself be inappropriately swayed by others. Produce responsible decisions based on reason and vision. We need to ensure the integrity of the public media. All public announcements need to be composed and disseminated by honest, accountable people who stake their reputations on being incorruptible and not letting self-interest affect their judgment. In democracy as currently practiced the qualities to get elected are for the most part opposite to the qualities needed for good representatives. Change the power and influence structure by voting for those you believe will deliver realandtruedemocracy. Do not be afraid of voting for an independent candidate or one from a new party. Vote for a candidate, not the party—a party platform denotes predictability but if the party platform is purposefully vague so that the party can vote differently from what they promised for the purpose of getting elected then that political party should be boycotted at the voting booth.

The key issue is to find a basis of commonality. We need a global common attitude of survival. Survival into the future is sustainability. Please pass on LIHWEOATE (Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment) by sending emails, tweets, facebook messages of this address or link to those who you know would accept a different perspective, those you know who are influential and those you know who are farthest away. Your close buddies and family already have their email inboxes full with repeats of this same message, so they don't need your relay. But somehow we need each and every person who has access to the internet to read or hear and then write or say: Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment.

Nothing you have read in this text is said with any authority. It may be somewhat and/or completely wrong and/or it may save the human race. It certainly is an attempt to put the power of awareness, direction and decision into the hands of the people. If you use this opportunity or if you do not use this opportunity, either way humanity is about to change.