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In Place Of War
Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. By January 16, 1942 Roosevelt created the Office of War Production and proclaimed that all the industries will change from civic production to military production, and the US will produce this many planes and that many ships and so many tanks and a supply of munitions within 18 months. And then they did it. This all happened when they were in the great depression, had extremely high unemployment and there was a collective feeling of impending catastrophe.

Now, jump back to the present where the biosphere of Earth has been incrementally attacked over the last 200 years, the economy is in shambles because of global financial mismanagement, there is high unemployment and a collective feeling of impending catastrophe. Our global environment is responding to the heat and effluents caused by our addiction to using the combustion of carbon fuels. Those who are in the position of influencing the populace to go to war are the same individuals who have the least to loose and the most to gain through wars.

So InPlaceOfWar be ready to vote for political leaders that come up with bold initiatives like: "We will pave every road and tile every rooftop with solar panels" or "We will employ all the people to design and build a paradise for the sustainability of life on Earth" or "We will appraise everybody's job and demand that all adults in our society contribute to society in a meaningful way" or ________?____ There is nothing to say we cannot exert ourselves as if we were in war. Shall we declare the war on opulence or complacency? Shall we declare war on ourselves for putting the lives of our future descendents at risk? As soon as war is declared the unemployment statistic falls to zero. The farmers of this continent or of this world can produce more than enough to sustain all the humans on this planet, whether we are at war or not. So if we take all the employment that would go toward war effort and directed it toward building a sustainable paradise then we are just doing different things.

War is the inevitable default for you, the reader, and for each and every one of us unless we get off our asses and do something about preventing an impending war. We think about the sacrifices of our ancestors on Remembrance Day or Veterans Day. What was their intention for their descendents? (something about freedom and democracy) We need to think about what sacrifices we are willing to make so that our children's children's children can breath and drink. And we need to not save those thoughts for 1/365th of the year.

We need more producers and craftsmen and artisans as much as we need less bankers and lawyers and investment advisors. Living off of investments needs to be reserved for those who have earned full retirement through significant lifetime contribution. Rather than promoting a few extremely good athletes and entertainers, the attitude that promotes quality of life for all is to encourage more people to do sports and spend time with the arts. Rather than directing our taxes and discretionary spending toward developing star entertainers that we watch from a couch or bleachers, we should promote active living and healthy lifestyles for everyone, through culture and community.

Quality of life for all is the theme/attitude/ambition of paradise once we get beyond: "every human having enough quality air, water, shelter and food to stay healthy and productive, and no human being oppressed by any other human or humans" There will be a shift back to a slower, more rural lifestyle and we won't need to build any more tall buildings of steel, glass and concrete. Let robots work the factories but where skill and craftsmanship can be used, let cottage industries prevail. In a participatory democracy, a bottom up democracy, we can decide that we want a few quality items made by craftsmen in our lives rather than lots of cheap crap from giant stores. In place of war we can solve unemployment by consensus of common causes. Like no garbage (ie: all furniture, appliances and houses are built to last hundreds of years), and free education to all eligible students, allowing people to do the work that is being gobbled up by profits for corporate investors. We could decide that everyone should be a craftsman of their trade or profession. It is all about what you will accept as acceptable and putting the decision making power in the hands of the masses.

If we do not unite in a common attitude and global cause on our own, we will precipitate a global war. Mankind has so far, always solved the crisis of the time by contriving a common enemy, then using war to rally the people, solve unemployment and then directing the survivors under a pride of conquest.

InPlaceOfWar we will recognize that the only enemy is ourselves and our complacency. We must face our addiction to burning carbon based fuels so we can power the lifestyle by which we have become accustomed. Or adjust to a lifestyle that is more enjoyable but less demanding of power.

InPlaceOfWar we will determine how many humans can Sustainably live on this planet in harmony with each other and the environment, and regulate the number using attrition toward that population count.

InPlaceOfWar we will try to come to a common agreement on anything that can be used as a basis for perceiving reality; what is proposed here is the concept of infinity.

InPlaceOfWar we will build paradise where each and every human has enough quality air, water, shelter and food to stay healthy and productive, and that no human is oppressed by any other human or humans.

War cannot occur with RealAndTrueDemocracy in place. It's ParadiseOrBust so if we all have a common basis for understanding reality like AcceptInfinity and use that to try to DefineParadise then we can attain a HarmoniousExistence.

How you go forward with the awareness you now have will determine our future.