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Just Allow it to Happen.
We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history. The world is in a perilous state and we have great decisions to make. The current patterns of production and consumption of resources are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources and a massive extinction of species. The gap between rich and poor is widening. The suffering resulting from this imbalance has resulted in enormous global tensions.

So what? Who cares? Why should big world problems concern the little guy who feels like he or she does not have effective influence on world problems? I'm doing my own bit to help the world by recycling, minimizing my footprint and,… and besides, what's in it for me?

There is an answer and it is right here, on the GreatBigFix website. Please open your mind to a last ditch effort at kick starting the world's human social network into a creative and unified movement. We need to reboot, so let that survival instinct of yours kick in! You personally, can be a significant part of an historical change.

The solution is not anything that any few or small collective of people could enact but involves participatory democracy to a level that has not yet been seen. We need to get near to 100% voter turn out at a federal election for at least one electoral district.  

If all the citizens were shown that their voices and their informed opinions make a difference to the social network and the outcomes of governing this country, then hope and confidence will give people the extra energy it takes to accomplish a relevant and representational government.

We as a populace, need to talk about the power of democracy and the necessity for change in our governmental process and how it can sustain Canada and the conditions needed for survival into the future.  

We will have earned the vote of the electorate if we offer an alternative to those who perceive voting as futile.  

Our ancestors risked their lives, and many of them gave their lives, so that we could enjoy the rights and privileges that we have today. The most highly viewed and most fought for concept was that of democracy. How much effort will each of us put forward to protect the concepts that they held so high? They all suffered and some of them died so that we can live with this quality of life. What will you do to protect the lives of our unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren? Nobody is calling you to war, but you are being asked to stand in your grandparent's shoes and consider what is valuable in life. There was a threat of dictatorship and a call to arms to fight for democracy.  

We won! The villain was clearly defined and we, that is our ancestors, fought back with everything that they had. So now, yes, we have a democratic process. Fought for and earned under the most grueling of circumstances, by all of the Canadians who were living 70 to 95 years ago.  

I, like those Canadians who I owe so much to, care about myself but care more about my family, and especially about the survival of my children in a society that has freedom and where a person can have the opportunity to be oppressed by no-one. I personally, am not oppressed by anyone. I compare this privilege of freedom to people in other countries right now and to others in the history of humans on Earth. This position of being oppressed by no-one is extremely rare and so easy to take for granted. However, I recognize that if we, you and me, do not put our hearts and minds in gear toward showing appreciation through our actions, a joyful life or at least a life of freedom will be impossible for our descendents.

I think I should repeat that I mostly care that we attempt to get nearest to 100% voter turn out in a single electoral district for the next federal election. We need to carefully set an example of how to respect the wisdom of our forefathers. What they did for us, we should do for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Can our present democratic system produce the decisions necessary for sustainability? Can it act fast enough to counter or adapt to the changes we create that run contrary to sustainability?

Here is the problem as I see it, we have what can be considered "real democracy" on one day every 4 years or so. At that time whoever gets the most votes in a particular electoral district is sent to Ottawa to represent the people of that electoral district. If that M.P. is part of a political party then our so called "representative" will vote on every bill that comes up in Parliament according to how the party whip instructs them. (We could argue this point and I know that there are some token free votes but there are enough examples of M.P.s not getting re-nominated or not getting re-elected specifically because of not towing the party line to show that my point has significance.) The party whip in turn, is directed by the party leader who seems responsive to the sponsors that got their party elected in the last election and/or who will sponsor them into and through the next election. This is in comparison to the party leader having loyalty to or even respect for, the interests of the public or the wishes of the majority.

As I have indicated previously, elected officials with ties to a party have extremely limited ability to lead change towards a better or more effective government. The very difficult decisions that are better for the country and better for the greater populace will not and can not be made by elected officials who decide on how they will vote on a bill at the threat of their job security. What is best for humans or what is best for the quality of life for your unborn great grandchildren is not considered or even brought up as a topic of discussion in the house, the house of commons, that is.  

The world needs a sample of how democracy can work for the benefit of all. The world needs an example of how a process of accountable representation can work. Where each and every eligible voter feels that they have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the process of decision making in the affairs of government, even between elections. may have many of the answers to our social dilemmas.  

This viable alternative to the governmental structure of Canada requires mass, grass roots activism. This is not a revolt, it is a tweaking of the democratic structure and process toward what democracy was intended to do.

Our present method of self check and adaptation in the process of federal law and policy making cannot change from within fast enough to keep up with the speed of social and environmental change. It is necessary to implement a fix up, a modification to meet the times, a bit of a tweak so that our government can evolve instead of climax into a revolution. For this we need the participation of each and every citizen that is eligible to vote.  

We need to create an opportunity for the contributing taxpayers to take the power and autonomy from those who run the government between elections (like lobbyists and party sponsors) and give it to those who are willing to participate in a real and true democracy that assumes responsibility day to day. To direct our country toward where we will be if we survive a thousand more years.  

We; all the humans on Earth, need to harmonize with each other and the environment, in order for our species to continue into the future. But for now, we need a sample of how real and true democracy can work. A sample that can be used as an example to the rest of the world.

 Democracy needs to be both predictable and accountable. When we vote for someone, we should have the right to assume that they will represent us according to a clear philosophy or party constitution that was presented by the candidate as their electoral platform.

Should constituents in a riding differ with any proposed direction of voting on a particular bill, they can submit their disagreement by logging onto the government web site set up for this ( and indicating that they feel different as to what is best for humans over the next 1000 years or that they wish for their descendents to take the risks of the alternative decision. If a significant majority of the constituents disagree with the proposed voting direction then the MP would vote "according to his/her conscience". What would that mean exactly? It means that because they believe that the mandate of an elected official is to represent her or his constituency, "I will vote in accordance with the view held by the majority of the electorate in my riding". This is the way that we thought a democracy was supposed to run.  

In 2004, nationally, one independent got elected and Chuck Cadman held the balance of power amongst the factions within Parliament. He was the most powerful/influential M.P. in all of Canada! Chuck Cadman's situation flies in the face of all the talk about "votes for an independent are wasted votes"

START HERE AND NOWWhat is important to you? Of course survival is important because otherwise there would not be anything of importance to consider without your own survival. And yet, maybe that is not completely true. It may be that the survival of your descendents may be most important and that the greatest value for your life lies in making a world that your children can live in with freedom and dignity. Many people have, through wars, given their lives or the risk of their lives for the betterment of their descendents and their people.  

Through all of history there have been the doomsday sayers, those who prophesize the end of the world or the end of mankind.  

Let us envision that we will go on forever. Humanity continues and does not come to any end. How could this happen? If, in fact, we have come from an evolution on this planet that has gone on for more than 4 billion years, do we not have that power still that tells us how to survive?  

Survival is the prime objective. We need the confidence that our Canada will be of use for our descendents and we need to make our decisions with responsibility and respect for the lives of our children's children's children.  

Pray, meditate or just feel that gut feeling that tells you we are at a crisis of long term global survival. Think for yourself and do not easily take on any opinion that is sent out to you as one of a large number of people...even this. The only useful and relevant opinion that you can trust is your own when it is derived from one to one discussions with people you know well.

Love is what brings things together, like the direction of sphere inward to a point. Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling, the subtle yet strong force within.