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Live in Harmony with Each Other and The Environment
Welcome, When each and every person who has access to the internet has heard or read the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" we will then be on our way to solving most of the problems that face humanity at this time. Attaining that goal is the prime objective of the website: All the other buttons on the main page of the GreatBigFix website are to support that prime objective. We need to pass on and to share that simple, non-threatening attitude that is needed for humanity to survive into the future. The unanimous exposure of LIHWEOATE (Louie-await) as an attitude will be the first thing in the record of humanity that we all agree on.

As a species, we have never before had to collectively look into the future and plan so that we sustain ourselves. Humanity is at a precarious tipping point and our survival into the future is dependent on all human beings agreeing on a non biased attitude like: "Living In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". We are on the cusp of an evolutionary change. Recently, many have come to a common awareness, a realization, that the impacts of human activities as they are escalating at an accelerating rate, will eventually and inevitably cause the self destruction of the human species, unless we take control and change how we bear upon fellow living organisms and the environment.

This message is going out to everyone. Are you one of the people who are astute enough to recognize that our species has set themselves on a course toward self annihilation? The side effects of both industry and the current lifestyles of most humans have been destructive to the global biosphere. The biosphere that is necessary for supporting the lives of our descendants. Most of us have known this for many years though some are just recently coming out of a denial of recognition in this regard.

The only way to change things around and secure our future is by sharing an attitude that we can unanimously agree on, and then using a bottom up democracy that is a real and true democracy to make the changes. No one has to suffer (depending on your definition of suffering). We can accomplish a confidence of survival into the future for humanity… but not without your help. You the reader are required to be part of saving the human race. Your involvement and contribution is critical and it is nothing more than the equivalent of what you would be doing anyhow.

What is required may be as little as for you the reader to pass on the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" to your most influential and/or farthest away friends and relatives. That phrase certainly describes what is a requirement for survival into the future (sustainability).

A personal email to at least three of the most influential people that you know, asking them to visit: would fulfill your duty in propagating this attitude we need to share and make unanimous. Though passing on through Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin or other social media networks might also go as far or farther, 3 personal emails is the request. As well, please do check into SaveTheHumansFund on the home page. If the WikiReddit-essay sites are not yet all operational, it means we do not yet have the funds necessary to hire the web developers or coordinators to complete the website into what is necessary to cause this unanimous exposure. We will not use advertising for procuring funds. We rely solely on donations from individuals like you.

In order to succeed with the objective of having: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" passed on to all who have access to the internet, we need to build into a website that is dynamic and interesting to anyone who wants to work toward the survival of humans into the future. It must be attractive, inspirational, and worthy of being passed along by visitors to it. It must work by word-of-email or like a chain letter, where each person who relays the message can feel a pride and honor in passing along this simple, non threatening attitude.

The plan is to make a carrier website that will inspire its visitors to boost it to viral status. Most of the buttons on are links to WikiReddit websites that have themes for people to write essays about. The funding is through donations so when we can afford the web designers the wikiessays will work like this: The most recent contribution will go to the top left of the webpage and the essay that is voted most informative, useful and valuable will rise to the top right. All other contributions will be in order underneath, in both columns.

As essays might be boring to some, will be a place where creative contributions can be expressed through artistic means. will connect visitors at to displays of or links to submissions that are dedicated creations that promote: "Living In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". Poems, songs, plays, art, film/video etc. that are submitted will be expressed at

By being open to the contribution of ideas and having dynamic and ever changing, it is hoped that the site will become attractive and provide a pride to those who pass it on. The prime objective being to have each and every person who has access to the internet to read or hear the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment".

Can we, through six degrees of separation and the viral ability of the internet, attain unanimous exposure of the attitude: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment"? It certainly is possible.

Can we consciously change our herd/pack mentality so that rather than blindly following alpha leaders, we would each listen to our inner voice, that of the collective individual, where all decisions have sustainability (survival into the future) considered?

Will we define a paradise and direct ourselves toward it as an alternative to an otherwise eventual and inevitable world war?

It might just be; all that is necessary for sustainability of humans on this planet is for each and every person who has access to the internet to read or hear the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment". Therefore, with the first unanimous agreement among all humanity, decisions could be made upon a more common basis. However, it may require a greater attitudinal agreement like a common recognition of what reality is. Presently our perceptions of reality are gauged according to ideologies like the religions we were brought up with or be based on science as it was exposed to us in school. Neither science nor any of the great religions are wrong although a more encompassing perception would allow us all to hold on to our own religion and accept science as well as all the other religions within a bigger, more powerful picture of true reality. One proposal that is initially put forward in GreatBigFix is to AcceptInfinity and to use it as a Paralleladigm. The presentation of these ideas are not to indoctrinate but to provide open thinking and power to each individual over the experts and religious dogmatists that presently dictate a perception of reality.

Please pass on, forward, link or most preferably, send a personal e-mail message about the project and help to share the attitude of "Living In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" to your most influential friends and relatives, or to those furthest away. It is true irony that we need seed money to build this website into something that we can show you is worth your donation. Please trust us and send $20.00 to help boost this initiative to viral status. See our link to the: "" on the Home Page and donate toward this initiative. This website as you see it right now is incomplete, and not fully operational. It requires the resources of web designers. It is in its infancy and requires your vision and imagination, seeing the potential for humanity to build a paradise instead of depleting and degrading the biosphere on this planet.

You are part of an evolutionary change. Please pass this on without delay.

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