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Paradise or Bust
Survival trumps all. Our only alternative to eventually and inevitably annihilating ourselves is to define paradise and then for each and every human to have a say in the building toward paradise.

We will build a plexus-system of websites that are mostly Wikis. They will be interesting enough and provocative enough to encourage a viral movement by "Word of Email", Tweets and Facebook messages.

Inspired by the implications of Survival, the overall idea and purpose of these websites is to have an opportunity to participate in the movement that provides for the secure sustainability of humans on Earth for the next millennia.

"Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment", this is a totally non threatening, common sense motherhood statement. However, it is also the requirement for survival into the future and the criteria by which decisions need to be made. The first and prime objective of the project is to get each and every person who has access to the internet to read or hear: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment" or its translation. Once we have a common attitude and a method of decision making like RealAndTrueDemocracy, we can then collectively DefineParadise InPlaceOfWar.

The present systems of government that are in place are not able to effectively look after their peoples or the environments that sustain them. For the continued survival of humans into the future (sustainability) we need to adjust our governmental systems so they can respond in a timely and effective way to the crisis we are in.

To make the sites interesting and attractive we incorporate controversial and provocative ideas and offer a venue where everyone and anyone can contribute toward building a "paradise", (and help to define paradise). Wikis are open source websites where anyone who conforms to some outlined rules can contribute and change the web page as presented. It can be dynamic and ever changing as well as corrected by many at a grass roots level through a democratic system.

None of the ideas proposed are put forward as absolute truths. In fact, there is no one to accept credit or fault for the proposed ideas. Accept Infinity is a wild ass proposal that has not been put out before. At least not to the extent that it may present alternatives to accepted religious and scientific beliefs. RealAndTrueDemocracy, InPlaceOfWar and InfiniteContinuum present concepts and strategies that have not been acceptable in the past.

Mahatma Gandhi coined the phrase: "Practical Idealism", as a philosophy that holds it to be an ethical imperative to implement ideals of virtue or good. The ideas that are being put forward will hopefully, offend everyone equally, as in, not being aimed at any one particular ideology but at all the dogmas of humanity at once.

We need to change faster and more carefully than ever before even though we are all resistant to change. We need to see ourselves in the context of infinity. Humans are part of an evolution on this planet and the meaning of life is to survive.

The great religious leaders of history might have known their context within evolution or infinity. We can now see that they might not have garnered the adulation of their followers in their time if they were to try to explain planetary motion, human gestation, evolution, or infinity. That does not mean the Earth does not circle the Sun or that humans did not evolve from shorter, hairier, animals that did not use shelters. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Abraham and other great leaders of spiritual understanding may have all been correct in everything they said and did, but those messages were correct for their people at that time.

We need to start TheNextHumanEra where leadership is dispersed among all of the people through participatory democracy. We need to define a paradise and work toward it with no elite or exclusive sets of humans.

The ultimatum: ParadiseOrBust means just that; either we find a way that we can LiveInHarmonyWithEachOtherAndTheEnvironment or we will EventuallyAndInevitably annihilate our species.