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Real and True Democracy
Imagine if you could count on your Elected Federal Representative to consistently vote according to their campaign platform speech, with ongoing accountability from election to election. However, if it could be proved that a majority of that MP's constituents wanted to be represented contrary to the now mandated platform on a particular bill, then the elected representative would vote in accordance with the majority of the constituents. Predictable and accountable representation of an informed and participating electorate can be called: "Real and True Democracy".

The feedback website works like this: A candidate's platform is his/her predictable promise on how he/she would vote on each and every bill that comes up in parliament (their platform could be a short and clear expression of their party's constitution).

To have a RealAndTrueDemocracy we use a small corner of the MP's home page on their website and display the platform by which he/she was elected.

It links to the actual bills coming up in parliament and a layman's interpretation for each one. Along side each of the descriptions would be the declaration of how the MP would represent their constituents and an opportunity for the constituent to differ from the proposed representation.

The constituent has a choice of thanking the MP for their consistent representation according to their platform or an opportunity to differ from the proposed representation. By typing their name (as it would appear on the electoral list) in the box provided and then clicking continue, a page will open to say: "You have gone against the mandate by which this representative was elected". "To verify that you want to be represented contrary to the proposed declaration, you will be sent a letter with a randomly generated code to confirm with back on this site.

Within the program and not accessible to the viewer is an electoral list. If there is a match of names then a letter is sent to the address associated with the name submitted, through Canada Post (free postage between an MP and their constituents). The form letter specific to the bill in question includes a randomly generated code that the constituent can, through telephone or internet-access verify their difference from the default representation.

Differing requests that are veried are tallied and if a clear majority are shown to want representation contrary to the default platform direction. Then notication is automatically sent to the MP, all the constituents that veried their difference, and the press. The MP can then vote on the bill contrary to their declared representation.

It should be recognized that this process is not for the purpose of a referendum or plebiscite. It is very rare that a Canadian not professionally involved in government would search into what bills are coming up in parliament? However, the process allows for the opportunity of the constituents to have "power over party line". Should a bill come up that was a declaration of war or for capital punishment, or some extreme measure, then the public would have a process for clear determination of representation. Along with the definition and attributes of democracy; a Real and True Democracy should be both predictable and accountable!