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It is ironic. It is a paradox. If the website is still incomplete, crude and amateurish, that is when we need your donation of money the most! Please help us with $20.00 toward making a beautiful, functioning promoter of passing on the phrase: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment"

We will not use advertising for fund generation and your donation is not tax deductable. We need to be confident that we are not held to limitations of what we can say in order to follow requirements of providers. So we have chosen to request smaller amounts but not work with advertisers or government restrictions.

Please use your vision and imagination to see the potential of what we can create on a world scale. Paradise is as simple as everyone having their needs met and nobody being oppressed. We have the ability to attain this definition of paradise on a world scale.

If all that we accomplish is to have each and every person who has access to the internet read or hear: "Live In Harmony With Each Other And The Environment", we will have accomplished a common attitude. A common attitude is the start of securing the future for humans on this planet.

We would like to send you a letter of recognition and thanks along with a detail of what your money was spent toward so please do not forget to leave your contact information.

Thank you!

PS: We are not hiding, we have chosen to remain anonymous as a way of showing that whatever this program produces, it came from bottom up democratic means. The alternative is to present a face, like Wikileaks has Julian Assange. We have chosen to defray the adulation and/or blame among all the supporters of the program.