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We Want to Survive
Until recently, survival of the humans as a species has never been at risk. Currently however, we have world wide unrest along with thousands of bombs that could each destroy all life on Earth, we have critically depleted the ocean floor, the atmosphere is heating up (no matter what some might say) and more than 3 billion people have recently become aware of their ability to obtain the lifestyle that us 1 billion take for granted. That's the lifestyle that has caused all the above mentioned problems!  

Right now, the survival of the humans as a species may be at risk and certainly, the survival of our descendents. From what we see coming at us in the media, we are just recently becoming aware of the crisis or are coming out of denial. It is becoming an accepted fact that human behavior has impacted the natural cycles on this planet in a negative way and all these concerns are accelerating. Our problem now is: Where to head, What to do and How to do it.

The answers cannot come from one person. We need a process that takes input at a grass roots level and works on democratic principles. Please read the following and then help build and promote:

Survival trumps all "To be or not to be, that is the question". Survival trumps all! There is nothing more important than survival.   

Sustainability is survival into the future.  

All decisions that concern the governance of many people should go through the test of sustainability. The attitude that has to be applied to all governmental decision making is: "What is best for humans over the next 1000 years". Although 1000 years is hard to make judgments for, we can use the concepts of eventual and inevitable to help determine what is best for our fellow humans and our descendents.  

In order to have sustainability it is necessary for us to Lihweoate (Live in harmony with each other and the environment). This acronym is the requirement for sustainability toward eternity.  

Democracy is one of the methods of governmental decision making. We have a kind of democracy in place right now. In order to LIHWEOATE, we need to govern ourselves through a real and true democracy.  

Real and true democracy demands participation by an informed and effective grass roots populace.  

We have a kind of democracy here in Canada right now. Without changing the structure of our government we can swing things around fairly quickly to live in harmony with each other and the environment. The only radical change that is required is unanimous participation of an informed electorate.

We will need to address the objections of the non voters who feel that voting is futile, which in fact it presently is. "You know, we don't really have apathy as much as we have people who are brilliantly astute in their recognition of futility".  

The eradication of futility can happen if we can show an effective example of predictable and accountable representation. People might consistently come out to vote if they are shown that their vote has meaning and effectively demonstrates their intent for how they wish to be represented. We should test this on one electoral district; Will individually encouraged voters consistently return to take part in more elections if they are shown that their elected representative has been predictable in how they vote on bills and accountable to their constituents between elections?  

Predictable and accountable representation, once employed, can be a sample and an example for other electoral districts and in other forms of government. It can show how difficult and yet necessary decisions can be made for the betterment of our future through a consensus of Lihweoate.   

Over the next 100 years we will deal with the ultimatum that: "Either we define a paradise and work toward it or we will annihilate ourselves". There is no in-between, in terms of eventual and inevitable. We either "live in harmony with each other and the environment" or the default is to not plan or direct our interactions, and then to suffer the response of an environment that is much more powerful than humans and works by using eventual and inevitable.  

Here is a plan that takes us toward paradise and prevents the likelihood of human annihilation. This plan does not contradict anything that original spiritual leaders themselves have said. However, yes, almost all the proposals that are necessary for a HarmoniousExistence are either heresy or treasonous to almost all of the religious, governmental and economic organizations. This plan is to use the present democratic process that we have in place today and create paradise on Earth.  

One definition of paradise may include your definition of paradise. This definition goes like this: Paradise is where every human has enough quality air, water, shelter and food to stay healthy and productive, and that no human is oppressed by any other human or humans (everyone has their needs met and no one is oppressed).

Corporations and religious institutions will not and therefore cannot make decisions that put the survival of their own organization at risk. Many times, decisions are made for the betterment of the organization at the risk of the members of the organization. We need to consider which should continue if it is an ultimatum between one and the other: should people die so that the economy can live? Should we destroy the biosphere of the Earth so that we can travel to other planets and attempt to make them like Earth? Would you go to war and risk your life if you knew that your government leaders were deluded or were liars and manipulators and that they were wrong in their justification to go to war? Is it more important to follow doctrine we are told by present day religious leaders or to follow what we would be told by the spiritual originator of that religion if they walked the streets today?  

The direct words of any of the godly humans of history: like Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses etc., are all worth following. Survival of the humans as a species is more important than following the interpretations of great man-gods of history. We can be more fundamental than the fundamentalists by following the intentions of Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and all the other great leaders who respected and credited the others that came before them. It is only some leaders of the religions in these men's names that claim conflicts between the teachings of any of the original spiritual teachers.

Let us carefully construct a paradise on Earth by pushing our governments into decisions that let us live in harmony with each other and the environment.

First, we will need to test real and true, grassroots, participatory democracy.
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